Aug 20, 2014

7 Wonders - First Blogged Game

7 Wonders is one of our favourite games, even for two players.  A lot of other games we have played and enjoyed with larger groups have a two player version with a 'dummy' player, but we find that most of them loose too much of the gameplay.  7 Wonders is the exception to this for us!  We have played enough times now that we know a lot of the cards that are coming, but the randomization of the 'dummy' pile, plus the ability to block cards from each other keeps it competitive without taking losing the feel of the game.

Despite a new arrival for our family (born last week!), my wife and I were able to get a couple of games in earlier this week.  We usually play with the Leaders and Wonder Pack (meaning it is now 12 wonders) and this time was no exception.

In the first game I finally managed to find a strategy where I could keep my resource count down, using a combination of Hatshepsut, the Marketplace, and making sure I drafted resources for the 'dummy'. This allowed me to focus on military and science, allowing me to pull out a 61 to 52 victory.

7 Wonders, Game 1 - Me at the bottom, my wife at the top, and the 'dummy' to the left

In the second game I decided to forgo military, despite having Rhodes, simply because both my wife and the 'dummy' had one before I even saw them.  She was successful in playing effective leaders due to having Rome, which really helped her.  I tried to focus on suffocating my wife of resources, but she had enough money to stop it from being effective.  I also think I concentrated on the money from Vitruvius' ability too much, which is why I was sort of all over the place on what I was trying to do.  I was defeated handily, 64 to 43.

7 Wonders, Game 2

This simply seems to be one of those games what we can both agree on, and will continue to play often.

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