Boardgame Collection

Below are a sample of my boardgame collection.  Please see the "Games" tags to see posts about each of these games.

7 Wonders

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Players: 2 - 7
"Type": Card Drafting

I also have two of the expansions, Leaders and Wonder Pack.  This is the game that seems to get the most play with some of the groups we regularly play with; mostly because it is one of the games that seems to scale to groups of 6+ well.  It also has a few different strategies that all seem to be viable every game, which also helps keep it interesting as you can modify your play style depending on what cards you are getting.

Castle Panic

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Players: 1 - 6
"Type": Co-Operative

This is one of the only co-operative games I enjoy.  Success is pretty dependent on what is flipped and rolled, but has enough strategy to keep it enjoyable.


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Players: 2 - 4 (can be up to 6 with original + Intrigue)
"Type": Card Drafting & Deck Building

I currently have the original Dominion plus five of the expansions; Intrigue, Seaside, Prosperity, Hinterlands, and Dark Ages.  I have played most often with 2 players, and this is one favourites for 2.  It is probably the most played game in my collection, and with such a variety of cards to pick from I find each game to be different enough to keep it fresh.

Settlers of Catan

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Players: 2 - 6 (With expansion)
"Type": Dice Rolling / Network Building

This is the "original" game that got me hooked on boardgames in general.  I have Traders and Barbarians and the 5-6 Player Expansions for both.  I have played many rounds, but always still enjoy it.

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