Aug 8, 2014

Clash of Clans - Townhall Location

Clash of Clans has quickly become one of the games I play the most often.  I had originally tried it out and enjoyed it, then my brother started playing (and a lot more than me) and we now are in the same clan, making it even more fun.

One of the strategies that I currently employ, and many players do, is to keep the townhall out, easily accessible to anyone who attacks.  This means that they get an easy win, and I get a 12 hour shield where no one else can attack me.  The key is that many people will only hit the townhall and leave my resources alone, allowing me to grow faster.  It is almost an essential strategy while raiding for resources, but even so, it just feels wrong!

My base with the townhall easily accessible

I would love to keep my townhall in the middle of my base, and actually win more defensive battles.  However, I have done that in the past, and it just isn't as effective as you end up losing more resources.  My only consolation is having my Hidden Teslas at the townhall, occasionally catching someone off guard, and at the very least forcing them to use some more troops.  I love the game, I just wish I could be successful with a wider range of strategies.

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