Sep 19, 2014

Started Playing Hearthstone

Between now having two young kids at home and all the (much appreciated) help and visiting from family, boardgames just haven't happened recently.

Instead, I needed something that I enjoyed and can take as little or as much time to play as you want.  My brother had suggested Hearthstone to me and then I ran across it on a boardgamegeek forum, so I thought I would give it a try.

Well, I am hooked.  As an ex-Magic the Gathering player, the Collectable Card Game (CCG) genre works for me, and it is free! (more on that below).  The gameplay is relatively simple, but there are enough possible combinations of cards that there is definitely some strategy and variety to most games.  The games are also relatively short, often 10 minutes or less.

I have tried out all of the different types of play, but by no means exhausted them all.  From my "profile" below you can see that I have each class to at least level 10, which means I have unlocked all of the base cards.  I have played two wings of the "Naxxramas" expansion (I just started playing early enough to unlock the first wing free), have played "Arena" a few times (3 wins is my highest so far) and some ladder play.

One of the biggest criticisms of the game is the payment scheme; in order to unlock the Naxxaramas wings, and purchase 'packs' of the more advanced cards you either need to earn in-game gold, or pay with real money.  Collecting in-game gold can take a while, and I can definitely see the appeal to paying.  I am too cheap for that however, and have found that it is still enjoyable without paying.  As a result though, I don't have nearly enough of the more powerful cards needed to make a higher-level completive ladder deck.

Overall I have enjoyed it, and see myself continuing to play for a quite a while.  Check it out!

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