Nov 20, 2014

Dominion - Session Report

My wife and I played a couple of games of Dominion last night.  As usual, we used a random set of kingdom cards from all of the sets we have (see list in Boardgame Collection).

Game 1
In the first game I planned to go for the treasure maps and use the cartographer to try and get them together.  The name synergy of using the cartographer to find the maps just an added bonus.  The problem I ran into is that by focusing on the maps I didn't have 5 coins to spend until it was too late, so the plan fell apart.  As well, my attempts at using the crossroads was hampered by us using the Dark Ages starting cards in place of the three estates.  My wife ended up using a couple of Goons and Death Carts to walk all over me.  Final score was 47 to 31.
Game 2
In the second game I used the trader to ditch my Estates and get Silvers instead, which worked rater well.  I then used Shanty Towns and  Spys to build towards Alters.  In the end the province split was 5-3, but I also had a bunch of Duchys gained through the Alters, which allowed me to win the game 42 to 28.

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