Nov 18, 2014

The Resistance - New Hit?

Despite best intentions, it has been a while since my last post.

Since that time I have had a chance to play The Resistance  with a number of different groups, and it has been a hit every time.

The next time was the one I had reference in the last post, where my wife and I got together with three other couples, and all of the men in those couples had been part of the first group I played with.  Despite my prediction, it was the men who were more socially focused, not the women.  We all ended up really enjoying the evening, and got really into the game.  We played the first few games without the plot cards, but honestly I enjoyed the later games with the plot cards more.  Yes, it adds some randomness to the game, but with eight players I really found that it added more balance.

Just over a week ago now my wife and I got together with another group we hang out with regularly, again with four couples being present.  One of the other guys really wanted to introduce this group to The Resistance, he had been hooked at the guys night as well.  He thought I had owned the game (which I don't), so we didn't actually have a copy to play.  We decided to try playing it using a deck of playing cards (use red/black to show rebel/spy, and as pass/fail a mission) and a rulebook found online.  This worked relatively well, and I am glad we got to play and I think that we got the group hooked.  To be honest, I would definitely say that it is worth getting a copy of the game.  There was some effort needed to make sure that we had enough red/black cards so it wasn't apparent who played the pass fail, especially for people like me who have a habit of tracking cards.  As well, with eight players, we found that it is tilted in favour of the rebels, and I wish we had the plot cards to help balance it some.

The one drawback I have found playing with the various groups is that my wife isn't the greatest bluffer/liar (which has advantages too!), especially with me.  As a result I am usually able to tell what she is, which takes away from the game a bit (one less to figure out).  I think that I have been good about not letting that influence how I interact with other players, but its hard to tell.

I am going to have to add The Resistance to my list of games I want to get, and I can see it becoming the "game of choice" with larger groups.

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