Dec 1, 2014

7 Wonders - Leaders Influence Strategy

When playing 7 Wonders, I find that the strategy I use is influenced by the wonder, leaders and early cards I get.  I find that with the 2-player version this is even more true, as I can control (to some extent) what cards my opponent gets to see.

Last night my wife and I got a game in, and this was a great example of the leaders influencing my strategy.  I drew Rome (A) as my wonder, which means that I was able to recruit leaders for free; this allowed me to pick the expensive leaders, with potentially the highest reward from them.  I ended up with Ramses, Justinian, Nebuchadnezzar and Sappho (leaders can be viewed in the rulebook here).  Throughout the game I ended up playing the first three, leading me towards playing a balanced game of military (red), science (green) and civilian (blue) cards.  This is a big change for me, as I tend to play by focusing on one area and almost never go for civilian cards.  The final results can be seen in the picture below; I am at the bottom, my wife at the top and the neutral to the left.

Completed Game
Justinian was a success, as I managed to get 3 sets of the red, blue and green cards, and in doing so even managed to win the final round of military combat, and complete a set of scientific cards.  The big disappointment was the guilds, which I was counting on scoring well with due to being able to play them for now cost with Ramses.  The 5 that ended up in this game just didn't work for many points.  I ended up playing just one, and for only 4 points as my very last play.
In the end the final score was 65 to 55, with me being on the losing end.  Even with the loss, a 55 score is not bad and has won games before.  I am enjoying the fact that the wonder and leaders I get can have such an influence on the strategy I employ.  It not only makes me try interesting combos, it also keeps the game fresh, as each one can be completely different than the previous.  There is also enough leaders (36) that you don't see the same ones game after game.

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