Jan 16, 2015

Getting Familiar with New Games - Suburbia and Stone Age

Last week (I am a little behind on my posts) my wife and I played a few more rounds of a couple of our newer games, Suburbia and Stone Age.  We are getting to the point where we are starting to understand some of the potential strategies and tactics and try some different ones out.

We played Suburbia on a couple of different evenings.  In the first game my wife got the PR firm early in the 'C' pile, and proceeded to destroy me.  In the process she also scored the highest either of us have so far, 188 points.  I tried to make my plan around the waterfront realty; I find that it definitely gives an early boost in cash to help get key tiles.  I am finding though that later in the game turning 'B' and 'C' tiles into lakes often puts a dent in the final run-up on the score. 
My 'city' in our first game
During our second evening of playing I went for industrial tiles (as it was my secret goal) and ended up getting a bunch of grey tiles as well.  No Casino or PR firm came out this game, and we ended up having our closest game so far; I lost by two points.  Based on this I am definitely still considering if the Casino and PR firm should be removed all together in two-player games, as I mentioned in a previous post.  I think I will play a few more games before deciding though.
My 'city' in our second game
We also played a game of Stone Age, and this time I managed to make my tool-heavy strategy work.  I think the key was being a little more balanced about also getting the agricultural track and more cavemen, and taking the useful agricultural cards when they were cheap.  It was a closer game, I lost out on huts but made up for it with my tool score and having all eight symbols.
Out Stone Age game near the end
These are two games that I am enjoying playing two-player, and am very glad to have as a part of my collection.

We also played a game of 7 Wonders with two other couples last weekend, with the Leaders expansion.  All of us are quite familiar with the game, which makes for a competitive and rather quick game.  I finished in last place, but still really enjoyed it; I can't see this game being replaced as my top suggestion for 6 players.

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