Nov 9, 2017

TES Legends - Rumble in Skyrim Gauntlet

This past weekend TES had one of their Gauntlets, this time the "Rumble in Skyrim".  This one was exciting for me for a few reasons; I actually had some time this weekend to play, Skyrim has ended up being one of the sets that I have more of (than any of the others) and it was the first time it came out (harder to find "pre-made" strategies).

I actually tried to prepare for this one, and made two decks ahead of time; one spellsword (which is still my favourite deck type) and one scout.  I even splurged and crafted a couple of legendary cards in Skeletal Dragon and Undying Dragon.  I tested them both out and they seemed okay; however, I found it hard to judge when playing casual against standard decks as limiting to Skyrim cards eliminated quite a few of the key cards in each deck type.  My plan was to play each deck in two of the runs (out of the 4 that counted to the overall standings).

The first deck I played was the Scout deck:

I had a lot of fun with this deck, and actually went 6-3 on my first run (this is significantly better than I normally do).  Also managed to pick up a decent pack as a result!

Due to the success of the deck, I decided to stick with it.  I found that I typically had some trouble against Archer decks as they simply outraced me to direct damage, but did quite well against most other deck types.  There were a few great games and a few games where the larger amount of bigger creatures bogged down the beginning of my game!

In the end my next few runs were 4-3, 6-3 and my first Gauntlet 7 win at 7-1 for a total of 23-10.  At the time I finished I was in 106th place (frustratingly short of a legendary pack) and I finally finished in 121st place.

This was one of the more fun decks I have created; the biggest plus I found was that there were a few different "combos" that worked well:

  • Shouts with Word Wall, Young Dragonborn and Greybeard Mentor
  • Werewolves making an early push an option (Grim Shield-Brother, Whiterun Protector)
  • Drain to make a bit of a comeback (Palace Prowler, Brynjolf and Grim Shield-Brother)
  • -/- to trim their board (Drain Vitality, Shearpoint Dragon)
  • Guard until the bigger creatures came out
The Gauntlet was interesting, as it felt like the removal options were a lot more limited, so there were more instances where creature domination of a lane was the key element to a win.  I also enjoyed making a new deck entirely from scratch, and it felt like a lot of other people did as there were not too many times where I faced the same decks.  Next time there is a Gauntlet that narrows the card pool I would definitely recommend them for other casual players.

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