Feb 13, 2015

Kickstarter and Print-and-Play

While I have yet to receive a project from Kickstarter, I have now supported a few and I am excited about them!


Kickstarter is something that I was very hesitant about at first.  As far as I can recall there is only one game in my collection that I bought before having played.  The majority of them are games that had been recommended by friends, and that I had tried with them a few times before deciding I liked it enough to go purchase it. 

The first game I supported was Crop Cycle.  I actually had the chance to try and review a hard copy of the game before I supported it.  Although it is not the kind of game I normally play, it is a well designed game and Canadian made.  The campaign was not successful, but a re-launch is planned shortly and I am hoping it is successful this time!

The next game I supported was Artifacts, Inc.  I think the thing that caught my attention was the theme and amazing artwork displayed.  It was enough to get me to read the rules, and made me realize that this is a game I want to play!  This is the first game I got a print-and-play copy of, but more on that below.

The King's Abbey seems to combine all of my favourite mechanics into one game.  I really hope that this is successful, and would recommend that people check it out!  While I am writing this there is just over a day left to go.  As this is a heavier boardgame (as in weight), this is where I really started to notice the difference in cost to ship to Canada.  I know that this outside the control of the designers, but does factor into the value decision.

The latest game I have supported is Epic PvP: Fantasy, which has blown away its minimum pledge.  This is not in my normal wheelhouse of game types, but the super simple setup is really appealing, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun to play.

Artifacts Inc. had a print-and-play copy available to backers, and The King's Abbey and Epic PvP: Fantasy had it available as a promotional item.  Although I love the idea, and have downloaded all of them, I just haven't brought myself to actually print and cut out the game.  It seems like a lot of work, especially for a paper copy, and I find myself willing to pay and wait for the hard copy!  That surprised me, as I am normally anxious to try out new games.  Has anyone else found themselves in the same boat?

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