Feb 18, 2015

Recent Gaming - Dominion: Cornucopiua, Suburbia, Ticket to Ride: Europe and 7 Wonders

After a period of very little gaming (sometimes life just gets busy) we have had an opportunity to play a few games lately.

I received Dominion's Cornucopia expansion as a gift, and over the last couple of weeks we have been playing through the recommended card sets found in it's rules.  These are sets that pair with the original Dominion and the Intrigue set.  I recall seeing recommended sets in the rulebooks for some of the later expansions for pairing with Cornucopia, but I am not sure if we will play them.  With only 13 new kingdom cards, and each recommended set having 5 of them, I feel that we have had ample opportunity to see how they work.  Next is probably back to random sets, with the new cards included.
One of the recommended kingdom card sets from Cornucopia
I was worried that as my collection of Dominion cards grew that I would start to find the other expansions too similar to add much to the game; I haven't found this at all with this set!  The cards in this set heavily encourage you to have a variety of cards in your deck.  It definitely changes my typical strategy, and having a variety also makes each hand different from the last.  I am curious to see if these cards are powerful enough to encourage a variety when there is only 1 or 2 of them in a set.

Suburbia has cemented itself as a favourite for me; it's just so much fun playing a board game version of SimCity!  This time my wife buried the Casino on me and managed to get the PR firm later on.  Luckily I was far enough ahead at this point that combined with getting both public goals (which lost me my goal) it was enough to squeak out the win.  Maybe I jumped the gun a bit with the idea of removing the PR firm and Casino from our games.

My "city" in our Suburbia game

My wife's "city"
On the weekend we had two other couples over (our regular gaming group) for board games.  We started with a round of Ticket to Ride: Europe (while one was off putting kids to bed).  I don't recall ever having played it with 5 players before, and it is much busier than 2 players, even with the double routes.  It was a lot of fun, it is just not very often that we play with 5 players.

We then played two rounds of 7 Wonders, which has become our "regular" game.  I am definitely not complaining, it is always a lot of fun, and actually goes pretty fast when you have a group who are all familiar with the game.  Our first game resulted in some of the highest scores I have ever seen!  The table (at the end of the game) and the scorecard are shown below.  I am always on the lookout for good games for 6 players, please feel free to suggest some!  I tend to find that a lot of games are good for up to 5 players.
6-Player 7-Wonders Table

The score from the above game
The extra scores in the military section are actually from the leaders; the leaders scorecards don't fit in my box currently so I just improvise!  On that front, I decided to splurge and get an organizer to help everything fit.  I ordered it last week from The Broken Token, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.  An interesting aside, as part of the shipping it has a tracking number with USPS, and it is interesting to see it bounce all over the US and Canada on its way, their routes are not direct by any stretch of the imagination!

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